Analyzing my photography

Hey, it’s been a while…well I’ve been busy. I am out of school looking for work in my field and also just trying to be creative but I wanted to make a quick post about my photography and talk about it for a second. That’s it, that’s the intro paragraph, lets get into some photography.

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Above you can see some of my pictures that I’ve taken and I love the night time. I am inspired by the photographer Todd Hido a photographer that I was introduced to in class when I first got into photography. Side note, if you are reading this and you want to get better at photography the one thing I would suggest is to get a nice $500-1000 DSLR, take a class, and learn how to shoot in manual. This is a great way to learn how to use your camera. Taking a class really helped me dive into my camera a learn everything that a beginner needs to learn to take decent pictures. A class is not going to teach you everything, you will need to learn and fail like anything in this creative world we all want to live in. Also, something I a learning while being out of school, pick up a book! I have been going to book stores reading more than ever lately, do your research and find someone that inspires you and read a book by them if they published one or read an interview about them. Creative people love to talk about themselves and some love to help others, so their is a chance your favorite artist/photographer/filmmaker/software person has something about them somewhere on the interweb.

Getting back on topic, I am inspired by MY world around me and the night. I love how things look so different at night and how you can tell a story without any characters. I will admit that I find places more interesting than people but that’s just me. I hate when people pose for a picture because for a split second or minute they can be someone else, that is why I am so interested in street photography. The random shots of people not the street fashion photography BS, I hate that unless it is an illustration but that’s for a-whole-nother topic. I love the feeling a picture gives you when you see a person not know the camera is there. Nowadays we live in the Instagram era where we want and feel the need to portray someone we are not and when I take pictures of people on the street they don’t know a camera is there, they don’t know someone is watching them, they don’t know it’s time to pretend to be someone else. In that moment, you truly see or get the feeling of who that person is, that is why I love the work of Garry Winogrand and Jamel Shabazz works that tell a in the moment story that cannot be reenacted.

For now, since I don’t have a budget for models I just do street photography or landscape street photography and the thing that I focus on is light.

Light is a big aspect in my photography, it is something I enjoy seeing. You see a figure or a structure at night but the light around it gives it that characteristic or quality about it that makes it pop. Light is what makes the dark so wonderful to me. I had to write something for my class project in my photography class explaining why I liked taking pictures at night so much and I said, “at night people show their true intentions and who they truly are. People hide in the light but the true characteristic of a person come out at night when no one is looking. That is also true about places as well”. That statement still holds true today for me, so this was just a quick post explaining what I look for when I do photography. This is more so for me than for you the reader to help me understand why I take pictures and what influences me as a creative when it comes to photography. I might not be the best at it, for now, but you need to know why you love something and why you are doing it and to never forget that and i encourage you to do the same.

I did not include all of my photos but if you want to see more look me up on Instagram at jhenry_photo or on Tumblr where I post most of my photography.

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