Rambling about: What makes a great hero

What makes a great hero or a great character. The hero comes out on top, the hero always saves the day, the hero knows the difference between right and wrong, and the hero is everyone’s favorite. But all of those characteristics make for a boring hero. We’ve seen Marvel movies all the time and know the outcome before we even get a chance to see­ it. There was no doubt in my mind at the end of Spider-Man Homecoming Spider-Man was going to be alright because it is a predictable, marketed, outcome but in stores where the heroes don’t win is more exciting. I’ve been studying about what makes a great hero without me even knowing it and I have concluded that not all heroes are supposed to be looked upon as heroes in the eyes of those around him. Christopher Nolan’s Batman is a perfect example of this, Batman in the viewer’s eyes was and truly is a hero but to the ones he has sworn to protect he can be considered a villain. I want to create a hero one day like Fiona Gallagher of the television show Shameless a hero that is looked upon as the villain to those she is attempting to save. A great hero is someone that is looked upon with great potential but does not want it. Another character in the show called Lip is another hero that is interesting to me. I hate that Lip is one of my favorite characters because so many people want to identify with him. A lot of people love seeing themselves as the victim even if they were the ones that helped cause the problem in hopes that they can rise above their problems but Lip never does. Lip knows the consequences of his actions but he doesn’t care, he is selfish which is a great hero trait. Why is being selfish a hero trait, when in fact, shouldn’t it be the opposite? The answer is yes, a hero is selfless, has a true moral compass, and is always true to their word but that is a boring hero. The best heroes are the ones the showcase the true side of humanity, therefore Batman is such a beloved character. In Batman v. Superman is a great example of Batman showcasing the flaws of being a human being, even though it was executed properly. Anyway, I think I have rambled on enough, to get back to my point, the writers of Shameless have come up with ­­better heroes than Marvel and DC because it shows the true side of being a hero, the human side.


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