Spider-Man Homecoming (A great Start)


So, I am writing this to tell you guys my first impressions of the new Spider-Man Movie, Spider-Man Homecoming, and all I can say is…it’s a movie. I am going to be honest I am planning on watching it again just to give you a full review on how I feel about it. I will start off by saying it was a good movie but it wasn’t great or mind blowing as everyone claimed it was going to be. This was an advertised to the core movie with posters, toys, commercials, underwear, future games the works, watches, NBA, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, the guy down the street, and much more. But that is what I hated about this movie, the hype. I loved the movie but it was good just wasn’t great. The action sequences were great and it gives the true Spider-Man feel that we see in the comics and the games throughout the years. I loved the way Spider-Man interacted with the world around him which played into his title as the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”, I loved that about this movie. I loved the cast, they all fit their roles perfectly and gave their character’s life which is an element that I look for in a great movie. The character development was phenomenal. Character development is something Marvel is great at and an element in their movies that they have perfected since Iron Man one, no, better yet Captain America which is still one of my favorite comic book movie to date. The presence of Iron Man was great, he was his usual self and didn’t take as much airtime as people complained about during the trailers. This movie does a great job at moving the movie forward and the slow parts aren’t too long and drawn out. The action sequences in this movie felt real to me Tom Holland moved and looked like the Spider-Man we all grew up with. There is a twist that I will talk about in my spoiler review soon but for now I will just say that no one in the movie theater saw it coming and that to me was one of the highlights of the movie.

I loved the supporting characters in this movie that helped make the movie a success. I hated the friend Ned played by Jacob Batalon he was so annoying but that just means he played his part right. The Vulture was crazy, man he was just as good as Spider-Man, he gave the audience a sense of someone menacing and crazy all in one. I must give a shout out to the hometown hero Donald Glover for setting up the audience for a character that, for some reason, everyone loves…including me not gonna lie…and a host of other minor characters that helped make this movie good. I will say I do not know why Zendaya is in this movie, I love her but, they didn’t give her character any justice she was the stereotypical I don’t give a f%*k teenager and I wanted to boo the screen when they gave her character’s reveal at the end of the movie. I felt like they could’ve given her some more lines or something because she might as well have been a background character that is easily forgotten and her reveal was the only thing that made her character rememberable. Overall it is great to see Spider-Man once again on the big screen and with a great color palette as well but I will get more in depth on my next post full of spoilers. To be honest, it is not the greatest movie off all time or the greatest movie Marvel has made I am going to be honest and say the reason why people are going to love this movie is because of Spider-Man and how popular he is. If you are expecting it to be this great movie then it is for you but it isn’t…but it is a great start. It follows the Marvel’s brand guidelines of how to make a great movie but does not go outside of the box like Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and 2 or the new Thor movie no one is talking about which I think might be better than Spider-Man Homecoming but saying all of that I do recommend seeing this with family and friends. If marvel can expand on what they started off with then this is going to be a great franchise for at least two more movies so I will give my first impressions of the movie a 7/10


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