My Review: Melodrama

Lorde-Melodrama-1500x1000Let me start off by saying, it is about time. I’ve been a fan of Lorde since the moment I heard Royal on her debut album Pure Heroine. She had a unique voice and style that was unmatched at the time and is still duplicated today and at the time she was only sixteen or seventeen if I can remember correctly, anyway, her presents and impact would have a dramatic effect on the alternative music scene. I love her deep rich tenor tone that we are so used to hearing from her and mixed with the upbeat, jazzy, dark, and sometimes poppy music that is present on this album makes her music that much enjoyable. If you can’t tell I am a huge Lorde fan.

In her sophomore album Melodrama, it sounds like the same Lorde but more mature and more experimental with her approach. Just like her first album I don’t know if she writes her own songs but I know she has creative freedom in which she presents them or see seems like she does because of her unique approach to her music. Everything about this album tells me she was going for a more unique and more artist approach for her album. Lets start with the cover which showcases her want to be more of an artist with influences like Van Gogh because the color palette resembles that of the Starry Night. With its use of rich blues and bright yellows. The cover art is unique and interesting to me because of it use of color and unique style that’s goes along with the album itself. This is more of a fine art piece than an album cover art.

**This is interesting because it seems like more artist in this genre are going for that fine art approach to give it the authentic hipster feel**

In the beginning, the two songs Green Light and Sober set the stage for what feels like a warrior’s return to combat. This is done with the combination of horns and drums that is infamous with Lorde’s style and brings that uniqueness to her sound that I fell in love with. Homemade Dynamite might be one of my least favorite songs on the album but it is essential to the beginning of the album because it helps transition to The Louvre which is musically pleasing because of its great counter melodies and rich dark sound. This track is one of my favorites on the album other than Perfect Places because of the counter melodies mix with her rich dark tone of voice that I love so much. I can’t say enough about it, it is so unique and rare to me and she owns her voice which is one thing that I love about her as a musician.

Not only do I love The Louvre but I love how it transitions into her next song Liability. Liability is a fantastic song because it showcases her unique range as an artist and showcases her true unique style and view of love and life. I think every singer should have a song on their album that showcases their strength and their range which gives the listener a true feel of their true vocal range. Plus, that piano in the background sets the mood perfectly and helps move the story along so well. Some of the interludes like Hard Feelings/Loveless and Liability (Reprise), which I consider an interlude, are so dope because they are made to feel like teasers and they get the job done. From there it goes into Lordes’ more lyrical and theatrical approach to music which is evident in the songs like Writer in the Dark and Supercut. I love the way she can tell a story whether it is more theatrical like Writer in the Dark or more of a pop drum driven song like Supercut. This is one of her strengths which I hope stays in her style going forward in her career. Perfect Places is the perfect way, see what I did there, to end this album because it feels like a hero’s journey has come to a conclusion and she is telling all the lessons she’s learned and will keep learning to grow in her private life and in her career.

Overall the album is good I give it an 8.5/10 just because some of the songs leading to the end kind of slows down and loses me but overall it is a great album. If you love Lorde for her dark but rich sound you will fall in love with this album. Melodrama is for people who love her iconic and unique style and I recommend this for people who want to hear something different and who will enjoy the experience that the album gives you.

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