My Art Review [ June 2017]

So here is a review of all the illustrations I have done over the post month. I think this is a great way for me to keep myself up to date with my progress because it is one thing to see it on Instagram but it is another to compare it from month to month. I want to get into the habbit of drawing everyday sketches and digital illustrations because I want to commit to it. I’ve been reading a book lately and it keeps telling me in order for you to be great at something, you have to commit your life to it. I have tried different techniques but I am still learning and growing as an artist. I posted some things that inspire me on my old blog to help me figure out what I enjoy and what I want to create. I created this blog to help me stay creative and post something every week so I can better myself and my work. I want to commit my life to my creativity and to my art, it is crazy but that’s how it has to be sometimes.

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